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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Wednesday, July 27th, 1898  Diary View

July 27/98 Wednesday
It raigned as usual all Night and day and the second Battalion is ordered out for the first time on Outpost duty, we took 24 hours Ration of Hardtack Coffee and "Can" Salmon and marched about 1½ Miles in the direction of Manila and their laid in Reserve the Outpost was in some distance out on the main Road to Manila nothing of Importance occured all day and Night safe a few shots fired on our outpost and pickets by the Spanish I was verry sick in the Morning having suffered with Cramps in my Stomach all day and night I reported at the Hospital in Company with Rush Landis Herrington Rhoades but still remain on duty


It rained as usual all night and day. The Second Battalion is ordered out for the first time on outpost duty. We took 24 hours [worth of] rations: hardtack, coffee and canned salmon and marched about one and a half miles in the direction of Manila. There we laid in reserve. The outpost was some distance out on the main road to Manila. Nothing of importance occured all day or night save a few shots fired on our outpost and pickets by the Spanish. I was very sick in the morning having suffered with cramps in my stomach all day and night. I reported to the hospital in the company of [Ray] Rush, [Jacob] Landis, [Charles] Herrington and [Thomas] Rhodes but still remain on duty.
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RHODES, Thomas J.

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