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Tuesday, August 23rd, 1898  Diary View

Aug 23/98 Tuesday
Again it is verry hot all day we have drilling this morning wich gives us more then we can really stand in the afternon Joe Richway and Milbert Johnson we went back to the old Battlefield and take a look at the ground occupied by both Armies so as to obtain a better Information as the position both lines run really paralel to each other at a distance of almost 800 Yards with Outpost between them These Outpost are fortified position som 300 Yards advance of either side these position where maintained until the Surender of the City. Joe Richway took several Snap shots of our post wich he intents to get enlarged on our Return Home. Fox Hustead Collins Debold Brain Kennedy and Jno Baird are on the sick List but Jno Baird was taken to the Brigade Hospital


Again it is very hot all day. We have drill this morning which gives us more than we can really stand. In the afternoon, Joel Ridgeway and Milbert Johnson [and I?], we went back to the old battlefield and take a good look at the ground occupied by both armies so as to obtain better information. The position of both armies run really parallel to each other at a distance of almost 800 yards with outposts between them. These outposts are fortified positions some 300 yards advance of either side. These positions were maintained until the surrender of the city. Joel Ridgeway too several snapshots of our post which he intends to have enlarged on our return home. [Robert] Fox, [Frank] Hustead, [Charles] Collins, [William] De Bolt, [Frank] Brain, [William] Kennedy and John Baird are on the sick list but John Baird was taken to the Brigade Hospital.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

BRAIN, Frank
COLLINS, Charles O.
DE BOLT, Carl W.
FOX, Robert L.
JOHNSON, Milbert
KENNEDY, William H.

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