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Sunday, October 9th, 1898  Diary View

Oct 9/98
it has raigned all Night but is clear now until 3 p.m. we have another heavy Shower we are all attending Services at the Opera House and listen to a fine Concert given by the Colorado Bands consisting of 28 piece after Service where dismissed both Regiment being well represented most of our Officers are taken verry little Interest in Religion Service and do not even attempt to make their Co goe christopher Baird Daugherty Miller and Cuite remain on the Sick List but Cuite is taken to teh general Hospital in the Evening this makes 3 of our men there Jno Baird "Fever" Fred Germiwine a verry bad Leg and Cuite with (-----)


It has rained all night but it is clear now. Up until 3 p.m. we had another [rain] shower. We are all attending services at the Opera House and listened to a fine concert given by the Colorado bands consisting of 28 pieces. After service we were dismissed. Both Regiments were well represented [at the service]. Most of our officers show very little interest in religious services and do not even attempt to make their companies go. [Frank] Christopher, [James] Baird, [Homer] Daugherty, [George] Miller, and [Gilbert] Cuite remain on the sick list but Cuite is taken to the General Hospital in the evening. This makes three of our men there: John Baird with a fever, Fred Jennewine with a very bad lag and Cuite with (-----)
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

BAIRD, James F.
CUITE, Gilbert
MILLER, George W.

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