John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Wednesday, March 29th, 1899  Diary View

March 29/99 Wednesday
The Weather is fine but hot 10 Penn is on firing line comenced to advance on the Enemy at 7 am the Arttelry drove the Enemy from their position several of them where Killed and some wounded Co C was now on the left nesct to the R R. and Kept right on advancing but after a half Hours march we encountered a large Force of the Enemy wich where entrenched the put up a stubborn fight but we soon drove them from position Downs of Co C Cunningham and Corp Christofeels of Co D Rosucker G West and Usurkic of Co E where wounded the Enemy losses where heavy after taking their position we went right until 530 pm when we again encountered a large Force of the Enemy but soon drove them off in this fight Jerriwine of Co C and Stevens of Co I where Killed and Wm Louis and Sergt Ashcraft of Co C Georg Taylor and A.B. Young of Co H and John Baer of Co. E. and A Powell and Sergt Pennaly of Co I. where wounded and a Hour later Priv Ambrose of I. Co. was Killed while on Outpost this day we had nothing but Hardtack and Salmon and Hardly Water anough to rench it down with the Wagontrain is now several Miles behind on account of the Bridges across the River being all burned down and Horses Buffulos have to be swimed across and the Wagon we have to put on a Raft made out of Bamboo and pull them across with a Rope


The weather is fine but hot. The 10th Pennsylvania is on the firing line. We commenced to advance on the enemy at 7:00 a.m. The artillery drove the enemy from their positions. Several of them were killed and some wounded. Company C was now on the left next to the railroad and kept right on advancing. But, after a half hour's march, we encountered a large force of the enemy which were entrenched. They put up a stubborn fight, but we soon drove them from position. [Ralph] Downs of Company C, [Richard] Cunningham and Corporal [Thomas] Critchfield of Company D, [Charles] Rosenecker, [William] West and [William] Erskine of Company E were wounded. The enemy losses were heavy. After taking their position, we went right until 5:30 p.m. where we again encountered a large force of the enemy. But, we soon dove them off. In this fight, [Fred] Jennewine of Company C and [Charles] Stephens of Company I were killed and William Lewis and Sergeant [Bert] Ashcraft of Company C, George Taylor and [Alexander B.] Young of Company H and John Baer of Company E and [Archibald] Powell and Sergeant Pennaly of Company I were wounded. And hour later, Private Armbrust of I Company was killed while on outpost. This day we had nothing but hardtack and salmon and hardly water enough to wrench it down with. The wagon train is now several miles behind on account of the bridges across the river being all burned down and horses. Buffaloes have to be swam across and the wagon we have to put on a raft made out of bamboo and pull them across with a rope.
Soldiers mentioned
on this date:

ASHCRAFT, Charles W.
DOWNS, Ralph W. E.
ERSKINE, William H.
LEWIS, William D.
PLANTE, Arthur
POWELL, Archibald W.
TAYLOR, George A.
WEST, William H.
YOUNG, Alexander B.

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