John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

List of Names Referenced in the Diary

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Sat, Jun 11th, 1898

Sun, Jun 12th, 1898

Wed, Jun 22nd, 1898

Fri, Jul 1st, 1898

Sun, Jul 3rd, 1898

Mon, Jul 4th, 1898

Tue, Jul 5th, 1898

Sun, Jul 10th, 1898

Mon, Jul 18th, 1898

Thu, Jul 21st, 1898

Tue, Jul 26th, 1898

Wed, Jul 27th, 1898

Sun, Jul 31st, 1898

Thu, Aug 4th, 1898

Sat, Aug 6th, 1898

Wed, Aug 10th, 1898

Thu, Aug 11th, 1898

Fri, Aug 12th, 1898

Sat, Aug 13th, 1898

Wed, Aug 17th, 1898

Tue, Aug 23rd, 1898

Fri, Aug 26th, 1898

Wed, Aug 31st, 1898

Fri, Sep 2nd, 1898

Sun, Sep 4th, 1898

Mon, Sep 5th, 1898

Tue, Sep 6th, 1898

Wed, Sep 7th, 1898

Thu, Sep 8th, 1898

Fri, Sep 9th, 1898

Sun, Sep 11th, 1898

Mon, Sep 12th, 1898

Sat, Sep 17th, 1898

Thu, Sep 22nd, 1898

  • BIERER, Daniel M., Captain - Tell JHA that they are soon to be relieved by Regulars who are already on their way to the Philippines.

Fri, Sep 23rd, 1898

Sat, Sep 24th, 1898

Sun, Sep 25th, 1898

Wed, Sep 28th, 1898

Thu, Sep 29th, 1898

Fri, Sep 30th, 1898

Mon, Oct 3rd, 1898

Fri, Oct 7th, 1898

Sun, Oct 9th, 1898

Mon, Oct 10th, 1898

Tue, Oct 11th, 1898

Fri, Oct 21st, 1898

Sun, Oct 23rd, 1898

Tue, Oct 25th, 1898

Wed, Oct 26th, 1898

Thu, Oct 27th, 1898

Wed, Nov 2nd, 1898

Thu, Nov 3rd, 1898

Fri, Nov 4th, 1898

Sun, Nov 6th, 1898

Tue, Nov 8th, 1898

Fri, Nov 11th, 1898

Sat, Nov 12th, 1898

  • DE BOLT, Carl W., Private - says he wouldn't miss their lunch of hamburger, bread and water for all the rations in the commisary

Thu, Nov 17th, 1898

Mon, Nov 21st, 1898

Fri, Nov 25th, 1898

Sat, Nov 26th, 1898

Wed, Nov 30th, 1898

Fri, Dec 2nd, 1898

Tue, Dec 6th, 1898

Wed, Dec 7th, 1898

Mon, Dec 12th, 1898

Tue, Dec 13th, 1898

Thu, Dec 22nd, 1898

Fri, Dec 23rd, 1898

Sun, Dec 25th, 1898

Fri, Dec 30th, 1898

Sun, Jan 1st, 1899

Tue, Jan 3rd, 1899

Thu, Jan 5th, 1899

Sat, Jan 7th, 1899

Wed, Jan 11th, 1899

Fri, Jan 13th, 1899

Sat, Jan 14th, 1899

Sun, Jan 15th, 1899

Tue, Jan 17th, 1899

Thu, Jan 19th, 1899

Fri, Jan 20th, 1899

Sun, Jan 22nd, 1899

Wed, Feb 1st, 1899

Sat, Feb 4th, 1899

Sun, Feb 5th, 1899

Tue, Feb 14th, 1899

Sun, Feb 19th, 1899

Sun, Feb 26th, 1899

Tue, Feb 28th, 1899

Thu, Mar 2nd, 1899

Fri, Mar 3rd, 1899

Thu, Mar 9th, 1899

Wed, Mar 15th, 1899

Fri, Mar 17th, 1899

Sat, Mar 25th, 1899

Sun, Mar 26th, 1899

Mon, Mar 27th, 1899

Wed, Mar 29th, 1899

Thu, Mar 30th, 1899

Sun, Apr 2nd, 1899

Fri, Apr 7th, 1899

Sun, Apr 9th, 1899

Wed, Apr 12th, 1899

Wed, Apr 19th, 1899

Thu, Apr 27th, 1899

Sat, Apr 29th, 1899

Sun, Apr 30th, 1899

Thu, May 4th, 1899

Tue, May 9th, 1899

Wed, May 10th, 1899

Sun, Jun 11th, 1899

Mon, Jun 26th, 1899

Sun, Jul 2nd, 1899

Tue, Jul 4th, 1899

Sat, Aug 5th, 1899

Sun, Aug 6th, 1899

Mon, Aug 21st, 1899

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