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The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War
Monday, January 23rd, 1899  Diary View

Monday Jan 23/99
We had a nice Shower during the Night but the Skie is clear and the Sun is out as hot as ever I sent one letter and some Papers but Zealandia didnt leave for some reason we have News from Iloila every quiet but our troops still remain on the Transports we goe through regular drills Company drill in the Morning and Battaln and Regimental drill in the Evening this day in the Delegates in the Insurgents Goverment elected Alguinaldo their President and General Comander of the Army wich was selebrated in the Evening at the Capital Manolo where he took the Oath of his Office and deliverd his Address wich was pupliched and I send home the same Men remain on the sick List


We had a nice shower during the night but the sky is clear and the sun is out as hot as ever. I sent one letter and some papers, but the Zealandia didn't leave for some reason. We have news from Iliolo, everything quiet but our troops remain on the transports as we go through regular drills: company drills in the morning, battalion and regimental drills in the evening. This day the delegates for the insurgent government elected Aguinaldo as their President and General Commander of the Army which was celebrated in the evening at the Capitol Manolo where he took the oath of office and delivered his address which was published and I sent home. The same men remain on the sick list.
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