John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

Monday, May 1st, 1899

May 1/99 Monday
Although this is Dewy day there where no demonstration of any kind neither on Land nor Water I was on Guard at the Prison we now furnich 14 men per day for Guard duty 22 men are on the Sick List

Tuesday, May 2nd, 1899

May 2/99 Tuesday
It has raigned nearly all Night but the day is clear a good breese is blowing at 11 am we paid the paymaster a visit at Headquarters and recieved our 31.20 in the Evening the Boys had a good time and many of them got "muchy looko"

Wednesday, May 3rd, 1899

May 3/99 Wednesday
The Weather is hot I got a Pass to goe to Santa Roocky and gathered some Shells I send one Cigar Box to Mrs A. and some to Br Christ in the Evening we recieved Mail I receive 3 letters and som papers and a Can of (illegible - looks like Curic) Jelly. 12 Men are on Guard and 21 sick

Thursday, May 4th, 1899

May 4/99 Thursday
the Weather is fine we received Orders to drill but Major Neff stopped it much to our Joy I goe on Guard in the Evening 5 pm at Headquarters much fighting is going on on the Northline 7 men where Killed and 55 wounded.

Friday, May 5th, 1899

May 5/99 Friday
it has been dandy all day but no Rain fell I came of Guard to Night 5 men from each Co receive a pass to Manila every day our Patrol is increased 14 men goe on the Night 2 Corp and one Sergt. much fighting was done to day News cam 14 men Killed and 60 wounded

Saturday, May 6th, 1899

it has raigned all Night and in the Fornoon our Mail left to day I send 4 letters also a Mony Order and some Pictures had to help to bury 3 Niggers Dewy is shelling a Town on the South end of the Bay 2 Transport arived in the Bay

Sunday, May 7th, 1899

May 7/99 Sunday
Weather is fine and every thing is very quiet in this little Town spent most of the day in writing and reading attend Service at 10:30 am. goe on Guard at 5 pm. good many are ailing from Maleria Fever in the Evening we recieve a smal Mail I didn't get any

Monday, May 8th, 1899

May 8/99 Monday
I was on Guard at the prison several Ships arived in the Bay but no Transports out Ration are again of the poorest Kind therfor much grumbling is done Comisary Sergt was apointed D Mitchel from B Co a late Recruit 18 men remain on the Sick List

Tuesday, May 9th, 1899

May 9/99 Tuesday
I was on Fortacke duty all day and in the Evening went over on the Meat Boat with the detac the Water was rough but we had a good time the Bay is full of Ships of all Kinds the Weather is as hot as ever W. Howard is discharged from Hospital

Wednesday, May 10th, 1899

May 10/99 Wednesday
Weather is fine Colonel Hawkins went to Coricodor also Mayor Bierer both are sick Cos a. B. are exspected to be relieved by Cos H & E more fighting is going on beyond Columpit over 600 Rebels where Killed 2 amerikans Killed and 29 wounded Co C only has 42 men fit for duty

Thursday, May 11th, 1899

May 11/99 Thursday
It has raigned heavy all Night good many prisoners ar dying almost 2 or 3 every day the are all buried in the old Trenches at Santa Roocky without Coffin I goe on Guard at 5 pm. in the Evening we recieved Mail I got 2 letter and a Box of Candy

Friday, May 12th, 1899

May 12/99 Friday
Weather is verry Hot all day we all drawed new Shoes and Underwear and Campaign Hats 6 Privates 3 Corp and 1 Sergt are sent to Santa Rocki where a new Hospital is establiched for the Rebel Prisoners 14 men goe on Guard including my self only 38 men are fitt for duty

Saturday, May 13th, 1899

May 13/99
Weather is hot as ever in the Morning we have general Inspection in Arms and Quarters a good sin Mail leaves Cavite to day came off Guard at 5 pm. I cam not feeling well have a bad cold also Rheumatism in both Legs and right Shoulder

Sunday, May 14th, 1899

May 14/99 Sunday
This has been a verry quiet day we all attented Service at 10:30 am. I wrote a letter in the afternoon and spent allmost all day in Quarters I am not better but are no on Sick List 24 men are on Sick List in Quarters 14 in Hospital 7 on detached duty

Monday, May 15th, 1899

May 15/99 Monday
the Weather is fine I received a Pass to goe to Manila at 9 am spent most of the time in Manila at the Hospital visiting Co C fellows all are getting along splendid the Hospital is as full as ever I also visited my old german Friend returned at 4 pm. my Legs are as bad as ever

Tuesday, May 16th, 1899

May 16/99 Tuesday
The day has been dandy all day at 8 am. I reported at Sick Call and was taken off duty have much pain in both Legs and right Shoulder Doctor things I have symthoms of Fever but I know its nothing but Rheumatism we only have 35 men for duty

Wednesday, May 17th, 1899

May 17/99 Wednesday
Weather fine spent all day in Quarters my Legs are so bad that I can't walk at all

Thursday, May 18th, 1899

May 18/99 Thursday
Weather fine was taken to Regimental Hospital this Morning wher I stayed until June 4 suffered from inflamatory Rheumatism and Fever both stayed in Quarters until 6 then left for Coricodor Island to recuperate a little until June 10 while there I had a splendid time Hunting and fishing & Kept no record of any thing during this time


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