John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

Monday, August 1st, 1898

August 1/98 Monday
It is raignen steady we arive at Camp at 10 o Clock cerry tired and hungry after Breakfast or rather Dinner we tired to find Rest in our tents the Evening we where informed that 6 of our Regt where killed and 32 wounded everythink remainded verry wuiet in the Camp the Killed where laid At Rest in a church Yard about 1½ from our Camp and the Wounded where cared for at the general Hospital Sick Landis and Sergt Martin

Tuesday, August 2nd, 1898

August 2/98
It has raigned all night and day and again our tents blow down about Midnight and everybody swears vensions on the men who ever invented them for us (I realy cant blame them) all night along we could hear the shooting on the line some even reached our Camp and it is reported that one of the Colerado Boys was Killed and a few wounded it seems that the Enemy only cares to fight at Night much to our disgust for we all like to get a chance at them in broad day light 5 men are on the sick List Beatty Christopher Landis Jno Barnes and Sergt Martin it still raignen

Wednesday, August 3rd, 1898

August 3/98 Wednesday
This is a lovely day the Sun is shining bright and hot all day and a good Breese is blowing all day we all take Advantage and wash our Clothing we all are exspected to go on Outpost again to morrow with one Battery of First Colorado the Astor Battery and the second Battalion of Nebraska to day the 23th and 14th Regt of Regulars are pitching tents right nesct to us southward Snyder who was shot throug the breast dies to day and is laid to rest with the others in the church Yard this evening the Native inform us that we must bury our deaths elsewhere I exspect we will have to remove our death Comrades and select and estalich a Cemetary for our own use exclusive this has being a nice day all day Christopher Shaneberger and Turly are on the Sick List

Thursday, August 4th, 1898

Aug 4/98 Thursday
This is another pretty day and we all marched of promptly at 8 am up the Road towards Manila we are leaving this Road now and take the Road for Passio this Road crossis the Manila Road and runs towards the Beach. Comp C & H where stationed at the Cross Roads I was detailed with 2 others under Sergt Hagen to ocupy Outpost No 1 the rest of the Regt was stationed at Passio right back of the Natives Outpost. About noon Comp. C was ordered on to the firing line 12 men under Lt Howard where detailed on Outpost about 500 Yards ahead of us later on the rest of was detailed on different place along the line to repaire the Breast work just as soon began to get dark the Enemy and Insurgent Kept the firing up continuous but all bullets passed way over our heads showing that the Spaniards where aiming entirely to high but this made it verry unpleasant for us more so of the Outpost who where allways in great danger during all this time the Rain just poored down all the time Everyone of us was drenched to the Skin in the Morning we where relieved by the Idaho boys. christopher and Shanaberger remain on the sick List

Friday, August 5th, 1898

August 5/98 Friday
It still raigned as we arived in Camp at 10 am we where all tired and needed Rest badly we didnt even have even sufficient Food to satisfy our Hunger our tents where partly blown down again we heard a Report that the Montaray had come in and we all are anxious to march onto Manila in the Evening the Insugent are marching pass our Camp about 1000 men strong and about Midnight we hear the Cracks of Cannons & Riffle shot Georg Miller Christopher & Shanaberger are on the Sick List

Saturday, August 6th, 1898

Aug 6/98 Saturday
It has raigned all Night and day and this is Inspection day evey mens Outfit was made complete again good many had lost there Canteen and some there Haversacks in previous Battles our Ration are poor and short the Captain buys this day a small Hag wich we butchered and ate in one Meal some more troops are landing and pitching their tents south of us the Camp exstends all readdy over a Mile long. Shanaberger Hagan Coyner and Turly are on the sick List

Sunday, August 7th, 1898

Aug 7/98 Sunday
This is a beautifull Sunday morning and not to warm Companies H.K.D & E are ordered to Outpost we had Service at Headquarters in the Morning and in the Afternon our Cooks where engaged to bake the first Buiscets wich where as hard as Bombshells but mighty nise to eat we didnt hear no firing all day everything remained quiet no one Sick but Sergt Hagan

Monday, August 8th, 1898

August 8/98 Monday
It has raigned again all day and Night Companies H.I.K & E came in at 9 am verry tired having worked on the Breast work all the time but report everythink quiet none having fired a shot. Miller Georg being the only men on the sick List!

Tuesday, August 9th, 1898

August 9/98 Tuesday
It is still raignen and Comp D K A & C leave Camp at 8 am for Outpost duty. Co C was left at the Cross Road south Orders to fortify a Building across the Street for Hospital purpose Companies K A & D where left on the road in a smal town called Passio again I was posted at Outpost No 1 right on the Beach Company C was distributed on different Post along the Line but everythink was quiet with ocasinally shots fired at the Outpost but no one was hit it never stopped Rain Miller Geo and Fos Rob are on the Sick List

Wednesday, August 10th, 1898

Aug 10/98 Wednesday
It is raignen heavy as we are marching in to Camp and all are very tired and hungry but even after our Breakfast we where as Hungry as ever and had to fill up on Bananas Oranges or anythink we could get Hardtack where this day at a premium we rally spent most of the day growling believing firmly that we where not getting our due Ration the Captain gave me some Money to buy Meat but was unable to get any I bought 13 chicken wich where verry poor and we had some chicken Soup for Dinner at 4 p.m. then we backed some Buisket for the next day and carried Word to Camp had to carry it over 3 Miles. Christopher Shanaberger Riffle & W. Collins are on the Sick List

Thursday, August 11th, 1898

August 11/98 Thursday
It still raigns as usual and our dog tents give us as little Shelter as ever There is a "Grabe Vein" Rumor that Dewy is going to bombard Manila to morrow and we are getting our Ration in readines it still raigned as I try to goe to Sleep I hear no firing at all my Messmate Thomes Jone is sicj all Night but never the lest he will try and have Breakfast on the nesct Morning on time we exspect to goe on Outpost in the Morning Christopher Shanaberger Riffle and W E Collins are on the Sick List

Friday, August 12th, 1898

August 12/98 Friday
It still raigns as we are marching from Camp at 8 am to occupy the trenches The Colerado Regts under Colonel Hale occupied the trenches between the Monastery and the Beach to their Right the first Battalion of the 10th Penn Vol. and the Second still further to Right. 12 men of us under Sergt Seamans and Cap Collins where sent on the Outpost a distance of 300 Yards from the Firing Line the Rest of the Company where Buisy all day streghtening the Breast work during the day Mayor Bierer & Captain Bierer made 3 Visit to our Post wich was in a verry dangerous position for some reason wich I am unable to tell we had Orders not to fire unless the Enemy fired first we realised our dangerous position as we could see the Spaniards working on ther Breastworks all day and was allmost in speaking distance from their Outpost everythink was allright during the day and at Night we plased ourselfs so that we could overlook the Field and the Road in Front of this Outpost was also occupied by 14 Natives at about Midnight I first discovered 2 Spaniards about 20 Yards in Front of us the Moon shown quiet bright at times Jno Baird was with me and at first we where at lost what to do but Jno hearing the Whisper of some more taught it best to quietly retreat to the post where the Rest of us where stationed we still occupied a position where we could watchour Enemy up until 3 o clock am everythink was quiet the Natives Soldier had all gone to sleep presently I seen 2 Spaniards passing along the smal Stream only 5 or 6 Feet wide with Bambo Trees on both Sides I called Johns Attention and Cap Collins by that time more than a dozen had passed and more following we realised that we where now handicapped and the all quietly retreated on a Run up the Road. John and I being the last ones to leave as we came to the Breastwork all where sleeping but the Captain I could tell on his face that he didnt liked the Idea for us to retreat and told us to take our post again at day light wich is 430am at promptly 430 we started back on our post and could plainly see that the Spaniards had being there for some had left the Salmon & Hardtacks there but the Hungry creature had taken them with some Ammunition of course we didnt tell the Captain about 5 am our Captain paid us a Visit we showed him the Traces of the Spaniards and he seemed to be convinced that we had done the proper thing he then took a position right on top of our Breatwork to overlook the Field in Front

Saturday, August 13th, 1898

August 13/98 Saturday
The Morning is clear and we returned to Camp after getting Orders to get our Breakfast there and take 2 days Field Ration and 200 Rounds of Amunition we had allready 50 in our Belt while we where eating Breakfast at Camp the Insurgent where still fighting with the Enemy I heard the Captain

Friday, August 12th, 1898

of us just then the firing comencing Heavy and we where ordered in on the sick List are Christopher Shanaberger and W E Collins

Saturday, August 13th, 1898

say that Dewy would commence the Bombardment at ones we where all worn out then but where to anxious to move on the Manila we now heard Dewey Guns open up for a couple of Hours when the City surendered we then fell in line and marched 2 Miles then took the Beach direct for the City this Side of Manila we had to cross a Stream about 200 Yards wide through wich waded through wich was as good as a bath as we neared the City the opened Fire upon us but wecould not tell where the came from most of them passed over our heads into the Water this only lasted about 30 Minute just then Dewys Guns opened up again right over our Heads we renewed our March wich was now trough Water 2 to 3 Feet deep right on the Shore wich is fortified by a 10 Foot High Wall we then marched trough Malata especting every Minute to be fired at from the Houses for we ocasinally heard firing but we marched right on until we stopped in Front of the Forte of the old City Manila wich is souronded by 2 high Walls and 2 Streams right on top of the Fortes we seen the white Flag floating just about one Hour befor we arived here some of our men had accidently discharged his Gun and the Spaniards behind the Fortes opened ther Guns again killing one Men and wounding good many others but our Men (Colorado) did not Return the fire and the Spaniards stopped and it was good for them for Dewy could lay their well build Forts in Aches plus the whole City if nessesary in verry short time after taken a Lunch at this place we moved up into the City it was now 8 o Clock and we stopped right in Front of DeOrient Hotel where Gen. Greens Headquarters are establich we laid here on the Street for 2 hours then we took up our Quarters in a old catholic Cathedral for the Night Everybody was tired and we all slept well although had nothing to sleep on

Sunday, August 14th, 1898

Aug 14/98 Sunday
This is a beautiful Morning we witness the ceremony of the Natives at the Alter wich we watched with great Interest, about 10 am we where moved to the Fire Dep. Building to take up permament Headquarters for our Regt. Co C. A & B where sent out to relieve the spanich Guard wich was on Guard in the Jail and

Saturday, August 13th, 1898

but Tile Floors and Gun blankets Christopher Shanaberger and Wm Collins

Sunday, August 14th, 1898

Pennitentury. This spanich Guard ocupied the theater as Headquarters Co. C. & B occupied the Theater together with the spanich troops Christopher Shanaberger and Wm Collins are still on the Sick List!

Monday, August 15th, 1898

Aug 15/98 Monday
This Morning we where relieved by Company D H & I the spanich troops left the theater to take up Quarters in the walled City and turn in their Arms we then returned to our Headquarters for the Remainder of the day and Night the Weather has being clear all day christopher Shanaberger Collins W.D and Cullinus Grant are on the Sick List

Tuesday, August 16th, 1898

August 16/98 Tuesday
The Weather is nice and clear in the Morning but in the afternon we have heavy Rain the second Battalion recieves Orders to Guard the Prisons Companies H & D occupie the Theater wich is just across the Street from the prisons and A & C occupie the Guard houses these Quaters are believed to be permament for at least a Week. Co C & A have 15 post a patrol and the look out while Co D & H have seven Post. christopher Shanaberger Collins and Cullman are on the Sick List.

Wednesday, August 17th, 1898

Aug 17/98 Wednesday
It is raignen all Morning but the afternon is clear Sullivna (Soapy) is baking Buiscit for Supper the where fine too we will try and Keep him at for we have plenty Flour we also have fresh Meat now and exspect to have it every other day our Ration are more regular we are still guarding the prison Co A one day and C the next this gives us plenty of Guard duty we 20 where also ordered to send 20 men to Camp to bring up Headquarter Stuff. christopher Shanaberger Collins and Cullman remain on the Sick List.

Thursday, August 18th, 1898

Aug 18/98 Thursday
It is raignen all day again we have 3 good Meals to day 10 men where send to Camp I was among we brought up most of the Camp Material the old Camp looks verry much deserted chistopher Shanaberger Collins and Cullinus remained on the Sick List

Friday, August 19th, 1898

Aug 19/98 Friday
This is a fine day and we are having 3 good Meals Buiscit and fresh Meat we are still guarding the prisoner 1600 of them good many of these are in for refusing to serve the spanich Army nothing new this day the same 4 men are on the sick List

Saturday, August 20th, 1898

August 20/98 Saturday
the Weather is pretty and when not on duty we can go around the City and see the Sights wich are verry interesting the Captain who was back in Camp to day reports that the Insurgent have occupied our Entrenchment and as we goe into the City we can see the Spanich moving their Families and Furniture back into the City wich I exspect the had deserted previous the Surender the City is fast filling up with people and Shiploads of Goods is coming in daily and the Stores are filling up rapidly Cullman Ashcraft and Hustead are on the sick List

Aug 20/98 Saturday
The weather is pretty and Soapy Sullivan is busy baking Buiscit and the Captain is trading of some old Corn Beef wich we we cannot stomach any longer for a Hag we had a nice Pork Roast for dinner and Buiscits we are right in it to day and all are in good humor Ashcraft Fox Hustead and Collins C D. are on the Sick List

Sunday, August 21st, 1898

Aug 21/98 Sunday
This is a beautifull Sunday I went and worked at Headquarters in the Fornoon and in the afternon went all over the City old and new and enjoyed my Trip verry much and gather some more Shells at the Beach all the Amerikan Vessell (of all Kins) are laying all in Front of the walled City at 6 pm I returned to my Quarters verry tired and after Supper we all attended Service at the Theater Fox Collins Deabolt Kennedy and Jno Baird are on the Sick List.

Monday, August 22nd, 1898

Aug 22/98 Monday
This day it is being verry hot all day. Soapy and a detac of men are baking some Buiscit for Dinner and Supper we also had 2 men Sheap this day at 11 a.m. we moved our Quarters about 50 Yards up to Road in to a spanich tenants House build for 7 Famlies Co C & A occupie this House we all like it verry much and are well pleased the Captain and Lutenants have their Quarters down Stairs and the men up Stairs wich is far the best place we fisced our Quarters in good shape and are settling down for good and hope and pray that we may stay here until we leave these Island for good. Hustead Collins Fox Debold Brain Kennedy and Jno Baird are on the Sick List!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 1898

Aug 23/98 Tuesday
Again it is verry hot all day we have drilling this morning wich gives us more then we can really stand in the afternon Joe Richway and Milbert Johnson we went back to the old Battlefield and take a look at the ground occupied by both Armies so as to obtain a better Information as the position both lines run really paralel to each other at a distance of almost 800 Yards with Outpost between them These Outpost are fortified position som 300 Yards advance of either side these position where maintained until the Surender of the City. Joe Richway took several Snap shots of our post wich he intents to get enlarged on our Return Home. Fox Hustead Collins Debold Brain Kennedy and Jno Baird are on the sick List but Jno Baird was taken to the Brigade Hospital

Wednesday, August 24th, 1898

August 24/98 Wednesday
The Weather is clear and Hot and we commence to think raigny season is over we have some good fresh Beef and have Bread issused now a chinamen is baking it for us but it is not verry good it has a souer taste we goe trough our regular drills this day Fox Hustead Collins C D. Brain Hanly and Fred Germiwine are on the Sick List

Thursday, August 25th, 1898

August 25/98 Thursday
The Weather is pretty we are still doing Guard duty but have no drilling except Dressparade in the Evening for it is too hot we all sent Mail Home on the Senator wich leaves for the U.S. without troops do and in the we all receive Mail after Dressparade and we all went to bed happy. Fox Hustead Collins Brain Hanly and Fred Germiwine remain on the sick List

Friday, August 26th, 1898

August 26/98 Friday
Weather is fine but terrible hot we have no Dressparade this day I went down the Beach and gathered up some Shells and watched the Boats going in and out the River the Cable between this City and Hon Kong is in working Order again everybody is in good humor Soapy is baking some more nice Buiscit and we have another issue of fresh Meat Rush Landis & Herrington are on the Sick List

Saturday, August 27th, 1898

August 27/98 Saturday
Weather is pretty we had a nice Shower during the night wich settlet the dust nicely this being my Birthday I had an invitation from my german Friend to supper with him wich I in deed enjoyed he also gave me one Box of his best Cigars we also had 3 splendid Meals at our Quarters and hope it will continue Rush Lnadis Herrington Fox Brain Baird & christopher are on the Sick List

Sunday, August 28th, 1898

Aug 28/98 Sunday
This has being a beautifull day all the Boys attended Service at the Opera House and some went to the catolic services this day we had no Drill but Dressparade Fox Hustead Baird christopher Sullivan Lewis Jannewin and Burke are on the Sick List

Monday, August 29th, 1898

Aug 29/98 Monday
It has being raignen all evening therfor no drill in the afternon we signed the payroll the old Native Lady opened up a Book account and the Boys promise to pay her pay day Fox Hustead christopher Sullivan Lewis Jennwine Burke Collins C are on the Sick List

Tuesday, August 30th, 1898

Aug 30/98 Tuesday
This is lovely day and not so verry warm we are doing Guard Duty at the prison 19 of the political prisoner are relieved much to their Joy but this is only the beginning of that Kind of work Hustead christopher Sullivan Lewis C.J. Jennwine Collins C. Harrison Max and Ciste are on the Sick List

Wednesday, August 31st, 1898

Aug 31/98 Wednesday
Weather is pretty all day but have a heavy Shower in the Evening we are still doing the same Guard duty we have fresh Buiscit and som nice Mutton this day and the Captain bought us some Tea for a change and some extra Sugar we receive some Mail but our News paper are from 4-6 Weeks old. Hustead christopher Lewis C.J. Jennewine Burke Collins C.D. Hannon Max Cuite & Collins Walter E are on the Sick List Fred Jennewine is sent to the Hospital with bad Leg


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