John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

BIERER, Daniel M.

Captain, 10th Regiment, Company C
Residence: Uniontown, Pa.
Mustered In: Mustered in May 12, 1898
Mustered Out: Mustered out with company Aug. 22, 1899.

Diary Mentions

Wed, Jun 22nd, 1898 - Officer of the Day
Fri, Jul 1st, 1898 - Officer of the Day
Sun, Jul 10th, 1898 - Appointed JHA Acting COmmissary Sergeant
Mon, Jul 18th, 1898 - With JHA and "others", went on rowboat trip to see the ruins of the Spanish fleet.
Sat, Aug 6th, 1898 - Bought the company a small hog because rations were so low
Wed, Aug 10th, 1898 - Gave JHA money to buy some meat
Fri, Aug 12th, 1898 - Visited fighting position
Sat, Aug 13th, 1898 - Overheard saying that Dewey would commence the bombardment of Manila
Wed, Aug 31st, 1898 - Bought the men tea and extra sugar
Fri, Sep 2nd, 1898 - Promised by Col. Hawkins they get cots.
Mon, Sep 5th, 1898 - Visits their men at the hospital
Tue, Sep 6th, 1898 - received telegram that Robert Fox died during the night
Fri, Sep 9th, 1898 - Trying to make arrangements to send William Crable home who has been sick
Sun, Sep 11th, 1898 - Went to visit William Crable at the hospital in Cavite
Thu, Sep 22nd, 1898 - Tell JHA that they are soon to be relieved by Regulars who are already on their way to the Philippines.
Wed, Sep 28th, 1898 - Tells the company that they are as well drilled as the regulars.
Mon, Oct 10th, 1898 - Able to retake command after being sick.
Tue, Oct 11th, 1898 - On duty again
Fri, Oct 21st, 1898 - Refused to sign J.H. Asendorf's application for discharge.
Mon, Dec 12th, 1898 - Officer of the Day
Fri, Dec 23rd, 1898 - Told men they'd receive a bonus.
Sun, Apr 9th, 1899 - Went to Manila on account of having very sore legs
Sun, Jun 11th, 1899 - Went to visit Major Bierer on Corregidor


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