John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

August, 1898

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Mon, Aug 1st, 1898 (t)
Tue, Aug 2nd, 1898 (t)
Wed, Aug 3rd, 1898 (t)
Thu, Aug 4th, 1898 (t)
Fri, Aug 5th, 1898 (t)
Sat, Aug 6th, 1898 (t)
Sun, Aug 7th, 1898 (t)
Mon, Aug 8th, 1898 (t)
Tue, Aug 9th, 1898 (t)
Wed, Aug 10th, 1898 (t)
Thu, Aug 11th, 1898 (t)
Fri, Aug 12th, 1898 (t)
Sat, Aug 13th, 1898 (t)
Sun, Aug 14th, 1898 (t)
Mon, Aug 15th, 1898 (t)
Tue, Aug 16th, 1898 (t)
Wed, Aug 17th, 1898 (t)
Thu, Aug 18th, 1898 (t)
Fri, Aug 19th, 1898 (t)
Sat, Aug 20th, 1898 (t)
Sun, Aug 21st, 1898 (t)
Mon, Aug 22nd, 1898 (t)
Tue, Aug 23rd, 1898 (t)
Wed, Aug 24th, 1898 (t)
Thu, Aug 25th, 1898 (t)
Fri, Aug 26th, 1898 (t)
Sat, Aug 27th, 1898 (t)
Sun, Aug 28th, 1898 (t)
Mon, Aug 29th, 1898 (t)
Tue, Aug 30th, 1898 (t)
Wed, Aug 31st, 1898 (t)
(t) = transliterated

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