John Henry Asendorf in uniform The War Diary of John Henry Asendorf
The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer during the Spanish-American War in the Philippines and the Philippine American War

List of Names Referenced in the Diary

I am currently in the process of adding these entries. Up until now I have been adding them sporadically hence not all names referenced are yet on this page, check back later for a complete listing

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ARMBRUST, Bert, Private

ASENDORF, John H., Private

ASHCRAFT, Charles W., Corporal

BAIRD, James F., Private

BAIRD, John, Private

BARCLAY, Morrison, Private

BARNES, Elmer E., Musician

BARNES, John R., Private

BARNETT, James E., Lieutenant Colonel

BEATTY, Curtis, Private

BECKET, Alonzo, Private

BEIGHLEY, Sidney N., Private

BIERER, Daniel M., Captain

BIERER, Everhart, Major

BRAIN, Frank, Private

BRYSON, Melvin H., Private

BURKE, Charles E., Private

CHRISTOPHER, Frank G., Private

CLINE, Jacob O., Private

COFFIN, John W., 1st Lieutenant & Assistant Surgeon

COLLINS, Charles O., Corporal

COLLINS, John T., Private

COLLINS, Walter E., Private

COLLINS, William D., Private

CONN, George D., Private

COYNER, Louis R., Private

CRABLE, William H., Private

CRITCHFIELD, Thomas B., Private

CUITE, Gilbert, Private

CULLUMS, Grant, Private

CUNNINGHAM, Richard T., Private

CURRY, John M., Private

CURRY, Robert D., Private

CUTHBERTSON, Harry C., Major

DAUGHERTY, Homer J., Private

DE BOLT, Carl W., Private

DOWNS, Ralph W. E., Private

ENGLEHART, W. M., Private

ERSKINE, William H., Private

EWING, Alec. A., Sergeant

FOX, Robert L., Private

FRANKENBERRY, Joseph W., Private

GRIFFITH, Robert E., Private

HAGAN, Samuel, Sergeant

HANLY, James E., Private

HANNAN, John, Wagoner

HANNAN, Max, Private

HAWKINS, Alexander L., Colonel

HERRINGTON, Charles E., Private

HOWARD, Charles H., 1st Lieutenant

HOWARD, William N., Private

HUNTER, Joseph L., Captain & Chaplain

HUSTEAD, Frank H., Private

INSLEY, William W., Private

JENNEWINE, Fred. M., Private

JOHNSON, Joseph P., Private

JOHNSON, Milbert, Private

JONES, Thomas, Private

KELLEY, Frank A., Private

KEMPER, Amon S., Private

KENNEDY, William H., Private

KERR, John P., Private

KNIGHT, Daniel H., Private

KNOTTS, George B., Corporal

KNOX, Roy J. D., Private

LANDIS, Jacob, Private

LEWIS, Charles J., Private

LEWIS, William D., Private

LITTLE, William E., Private

MARTIN, William, 1st Sergeant

McCANCH, Alexander, Corporal

McCORMICK, Edward B., 1st Lieutenant & Quarter Master

McMASTER, Albert L., Private

MICKEY, Joseph C., Private

MILLER, Benjamin F., Private

MILLER, George R., Private

MILLER, George W., Private

MONROE, James G., Private

MURPHY, Jesse, Private

NEFF, George W., Major Surgeon

  • Tue, Jul 5th, 1898 - Gave advice about health and well being to the troops.
  • Thu, May 4th, 1899 - They received orders to drill but the Major stopped it much to the men's joy
  • Mon, Aug 21st, 1899 - Insists on JHA going to the hospital for his enlarged testicles and made an appointment but JHA isn't going to go

PLANTE, Arthur, Private

PLAYFORD, Charles, Private

POWELL, Archibald W., Private

RHODES, Thomas J., Private

RIDGEWAY, Joel, Private

RIFFLE, Arthur C., Musician

ROCKWELL, Samuel N., Sergeant

ROSENECKER, Charles J., Private

RUSH, Ray, Private

SCHROCK, Elmer E., Private

SEMANS, Walter L., Sergeant

SHANABENGER, Frank w., Private

SPARKS, Ray L., Private

STEPHENS, Daniel W., Private

STUMM, Charles A., Private

SULLIVAN, Frank, Private

TAYLOR, George A., Private

TURLEY, John H., Corporal

TWIST, David, Private

UNDERWOOD, Leroy, Private

WALKER, Charles O., Quarter Master Sergeant

WEST, William H., Private

WILSON, Rollie, Private

WOOD, Robert M., 2d Lieutenant

WOODWARD, James W., Private

YOUNG, Alexander B., Private

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